BRIDGE nailing machine


The BRIDGE machine is ideal for those who need to manufacture products such as cases, cages, crates, flatbeds, flanges, saddles, pallets, garden wood, fences and more, in a short time.

The machines of the BRIDGE series are set up like a feedthrough “bridge” on several independent tables that allow to perform different nailing, boring or milling programs in the same work cycle, located at different points along the workbenches.

The system with several work tables facilitates the operator’s work of loading and unloading bulky products.


Versatility and Ease

The independent movement of the nail guns allows the creation of different packages in the same work cycle. Simplicity and speed during format change



The high standard of the safety devices ensures that operators are protected both against the movement of the machine and of the nail guns

High production rate

Streamlined production cycle thanks to the simultaneous execution of several work programs

Ergonomic design

The system with several worktables simplifies product loading and unloading and allows the operator to move about in complete safety


The evolution of the application software with the aid of Laser pointers save the operator time in setting up the nailing or boring programs along the workbench.

The nailing programs can be created from the operator panel or by the technical department.

The software allows you to set the pieces to be produced and monitors work progress.


Technical features for the standard version


Bridge dimensions

Until 5,700 x 3,000 mm

Nailing height range

300 mm

Max. Programmable nailing height

500 mm

Nailing Units max. quantity

6 ÷ 8

No. of controlled axes

7 ÷ 17

Feeding Voltage

400V – 50Hz

Max. current consumptio

15 kW

Working pressure

6 ÷ 9 bar

Machine portal weight

5,000 kg

Format change time

3 ÷ 6 minutes

*On request we can manage different dimensions