Nailing Line TR5


TR3 is a machine designed to speed up and simplify the production of two and four way pallets, as well as elements of crates and boxes.

It is a machine that allows a very high productivity. Two people can produce up to 1200 four-way pallets with five top boards in a 8-hour shift.

Thanks to its motorized chain system, TR3 can be adjusted very quickly to a different template, thus granting, despite the high productivity, a very fast changeover time.

The TR3 nailing station is available in several versions, with different degrees of controlled movements and capability.

The RAPID TR3 nailer is typically set at the head of a full production line. Thanks to its motorized chain system, it can move the finished product into a dehorning/branding station, a turner station, and a stacker/evacuation station.

The employment of the TR3 is simple: two operators, one in front of the other, position the components in the templates, which move at a speed adjustable from the control panel. The templates move into nailing position in the TR3 and afterwards, the product is automatically fed into the other work stations and evacuated in the stacker station.




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