SM block stringer nailer

SM is an automatic nailer that can produce block stringers for block style 4 way pallets, for perimetric and reversible pallets. All models, thanks to their simple adjustment system, are designed for having a very fast changeover and are therefore very suitable for small series.

They are equipped magazines for the blocks and boards, that are loaded manually. The pusher assembles the parts for the nailing phase.It is possible to assemble stringers from a minimum of 500 mm (20″) to 1500 mm (60″) with the SM 150 (3 heads) up until a maximum of 2500 mm (100″) with the 250 model, and 3000 mm (118″) with the SM 300. The 250 and 300 models can be equipped with additional head nailers, up to 6.

The PLC manages the positioning and number of the nails on each block, as well as counting the stringers produced and the remaining nails. It also regulates the work rhythm, as well as the set pauses.

The head nailers are positioned manually and a pneumatic system produces the lateral offset of the nails up to 100 mm, in order to produce all the nailing patterns on the blocks. A system of guides and positioners ensures that, once the pieces leave the magazines, they are positioned and nailed with perfect alignement. The same system allows precise production of winged and indented  board stringers.

In line with the SM, a STACKER can be installed. It will stack the stringers produced, up to a height of 1500 mm. The STACKER is available in all the corresponding widths to the various versions of the SM.









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