RAPID flexible nailing robot



The machines of the RAPID family are particularly suited to the production of packaging items in small or very small series or of very high complexity, like crates, special pallets, boxes, cradles, skids etc. The CNC (numeric control) allows the simultaneous production of up to nine different objects.

The CNC is the heart of this machine and it is thanks to it that the have their high productive flexibility. In fact, not only they can handle contemporarily different products with very short changeover times, but it is very easy to produce together items with different size production run.

The bottom line benefit of using a RAPID system is that you will produce, with two operators, two to three times (sometimes more) what they would produce manually.

The programming of a new nailing pattern is very simple and quick and requires no specialization. The simplified intuitive programming allows the creation of a new program in a matter of minutes, thanks to the additional functions of the software, like the copy-paste of selected nailing steps, the positioning of the nails at a fixed distance from a previous step, and the possibility to modify the program with simple commands through the terminal.

The machines can also mount laser aim points, indicating that the exact point of nailing during programming, thus making it even simpler and faster, and granting a higher quality finished product.

RAPID machines are available in 5 main versions, three of which (RAPID M2, RAPID M5, RAPID M8) with a single table design, particularly suitable for the production of pallets, crates, cases and special packaging items. They differ for the bridge capability, number of controlled axis and possibility to perform additional tooling (like milling and drilling) on the nailed product.

The fourth (RAPID BRIDGE) has instead a bridge configuration where the nailing unit moves on rails on the ground over various tables. This design allows the production and easy evacuation of heavy and bulky items.

The fifth (RAPID TR3) features a system of automatic evacuation of the material via adjustable chains, and fits in our flexible nailing lines, as main nailing station.

These five versions cover the entire spectrum of wood packaging nailing needs, ranging from special packaging, small series, case-packing, heavy packaging items, drilled items, series up to 1000 + units, with the possibility to perform marking, bevel and automated stacking.



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